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Camping Gaz (Schweiz) AG -
Campingaz and Coleman® distribute high quality products in the domain of Outdoor and Camping. They support „touch the world“with the appropriate equipment for the world record.

The brand Campingaz® is seen as a leading specialist for high quality products in the area of Camping and leisure, with the focus on gas, gas equipment and barbecues. Campingaz® guaranties with its brand for reliability, high security and excellent technical properties for the camping family and the outdoor-cook. The Campingaz® products have been continuously enhanced and are multifunctional. The unique European wide distribution network of Campingaz® gas bottles and cartridges guaranties that our customers are provided with gas during their vacation. As market leader in the gas-segment Campingaz® provides not only a high service standard but also guarantees security

The brand Coleman® offers camping with comfort. Since more than 100 years Coleman® is present on the world market as innovative manufacturer of outdoor equipment. Many of Coleman® products on the market since then are real outdoor classics of today, which we don’t want to miss in our leisure time. And we are proud to say, that certainly some of today’s novelties will belong to tomorrows classics.

As a manufacturer of tents, sleeping bags, lighting and cooking appliances, Coleman® offers a broad range of products, which will make the outdoor pleasure of «touch the world» a great experience all along their trip around the world.
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