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  Roman Brühwiler:

Travel records are similar to mountaineering:

It is joy and gratefulness about such an success that remains!

or in other words:

Climbing three stairs or travelling around
the world in three days   -   both can be unimportant or a satisfying, thrilling and exciting experience!

7 Hours    - 5 African countries 
1 Day       - 20 countries 
1,5 Days  - 28'600 km scheduled flights 
6 Days     - 22 mainly African countries 
12 Days   - 81'900 km scheduled flight 

7 Hours - 5 African countries

It's not a big thing to visit 5 European countries within 7 hours, but 5 African countries within 7 hours is really tough!
On the one hand, African countries are much bigger,
on the other hand, the street condition and the the military check points take a lot of time.

Is it really possible to visit 5 countries in 7 hours?          
Datum & Lokalzeit   Strecke   Land
07.04.2006 10:15h   Start am Grenzfluss Leraba    
   25 km südwestlich von Niangoloko   ELFENBEINKUESTE (1) 
07.04.2006 10:20h - 12:35h   Fahrt nach Bobo Dioulasso (150 km)   BURKINO FASO (2) 
07.04.2006 12:55h - 14:25h   Flug nach Lomé   TOGO (3) 
07.04.2006 15:10h - 16:00h   Fahrt zur Grenze Ghana (10 km)   Togo 
07.04.2006 16:00h - 16:15h   Grenzübertritt nach Ghana   GHANA (4) 
07.04.2005 16:15h - 17:10h   Fahrt über Lomé zur Grenze   
   von Benin (70 km)   Togo 
07.04.2006 17:15h   Grenzübertritt nach Benin bei Aneho   BENIN (5) 
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